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tv   ABC2 News Saturday  ABC  August 29, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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composite. there you see it just off the shore that. was from early this morning. as we set it into motion, yes, pretty much out of here. you saw the breaks in the clouds and we saw a lot of
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sunshine today. and daytime heating. let's take a look at what is left over there on ocean city on the coastline. some pretty heavy surf four to six-foot waves and dangerous rip currents. not too many people in the water and if they r they're just at the edge. taking a look at us for tonight, 64 degrees, mostly cloudy, couple showers are still possible, maybe a few storms. but that will be out of here by tomorrow. we'll talk about the forecast and your two degrees guarantee, coming up. back to you. the contend's life work was not championed . >> after a moving funeral in his home state of massachusetts, senator ted kennedy was eulogized in washington, d.c. on capitol hill. he did so much there to influence life in this country over the last half century. tonight family, friends and
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fans are remembering the man who wasn't just a political figure, abc's viviana hurtado has more. >> reporter: returning to the nation's capital one last time. this is where he lived and worked almost 50 years, on some of the most sweeping social legislation in history. this is where he's honored one final time. and this is where he'll be buried, across the river at arlington national cemetery, next to his slain brothers john and robert kennedy. earlier more good-byes in massachusetts, where his funeral mass was held. three of the four living former presidents paid their respects, president obama called him the greatest legislator of our time. >> his life work was not championed, the causes of those with wealth or power or special connections. it was to give a voice to those who were not heard.
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>> to the children he was dad, one to told his son after losing his leg to cancer to never give up. >> i said i'll never be able to climb up that hill. and he lifted me up in his strong arms and said something i will never forget. he said, i know you can do it. there is nothing that you can't do. we're going to climb that hill together, even if it take us all day! >> words the senator lived by in life and in his public service. the funeral service will feature an army old guard firing team, and a chaplain to honor the senator's service in this branch of the military. last year he survived a plane crash that killed four people. but now celebrity disc jockey dj am has died. adam goldstone was found inside his apartment last night.
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investigators say drug paraphrenalia was also found in the apartment. the circumstances surrounding his death are unclear, goldstein performed at hollywood's most exclusive parties and dated stars like nicole richie and mandy moore. he was just 36. >> today thousands of michael jackson fans dancing in the streets of paris and co to celebrate his 51st birthday. the celebrations included a choreographed dance performance by a flash mob organized by the fans. crowd included tourists and of course many fans and local police also observed a minute of silence to honor jackson. locally now a man convicted of kidnapping two teenagers from the light rail station and raping one of them has learned his fate. 23-year-old kiheem taylor received two life sentences plus a hundred years in prison. taylor and his alleged accomplice walked a teenage boy in a trunk and sexually assaulted his girlfriend before
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abandoning them in cherry hill. >> it's one thing to come to the county and commit a robbery that's bad, maybe you carjack somebody and take their car. but to torture them and put them through what they did for two hours, and commit sex offenses and take pictures, i mean, it really was -- >> a trial for his accomplice is scheduled to begin next month. the state can do more to help delinquents, a report by the juvenile justice monitoring unit says the state should move towards developing all inner facilities with better track records. the department of juvenile services responded by saying the department contracts with a range of mental health services to provide the best possible care in a detention center. they say it's among the worst case of animal hoarding ever in the county. animal control officers rescued 21 dogs from a home in terrible
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condition with feces piled up a couple feet high. neighbors a several years ago the same thing happened and they took it upon themselves to do something about it. >> at one time we had gotten trapped cats and it was like 70 some cats they trapped between couple of the neighbors. so been like this as long as i can remember. >> police have not released the names of the animals owner but we have learned the home on sea breeze drive is owned by janet taylor. no charges have been filed. the dogs are recovering at the animal control center until they're healthy enough for adoption. for more information about how to donate or help any of those dogs, head to our website. health officials have seen a spike in the number of bats flying around the city of baltimore. more than 100 people have reported having the animal inside their homes. five of the bats captured have tested positive for rabies. animal control says if you see a bat in your home, don't try to touch it and call 311
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immediately. after years of being on maryland's dangerous list, a local high school is getting the an a for improvement. coming up a baltimore community celebrates a newly safe school. and another baltimore bank goes under. the details when we return. >> and we do have a two degree winner to talk about today. let's take you -- yay! let's look at the name. we have shawn of baltimore. we gave you a guarantee of 82 degrees. and the actual reached 84 so we were within the guarantee, and shawn, you get a nice umbrella. well have more or the forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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one baltimore school is taking all the right steps towards success. for the past few years the high school has been on maryland's persistently dangerous list. after some financial help from the government, and hard work from students and staff, the school has been designated as safe, and the principal says she's happy the school has shown in a positive light. >> today we have met the guidelines based on the state and we have been identified persistently safe. but guess what? we've always been persistently safe here at web high school. and it's just a great day for all. >> students at school now have more options to get the most out of their high school experience like night classes, mentoring programs, and a class added to the school's curriculum.
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it was a little overcast this morning but then the sun came out and it was actually -- >> really obvious this morning. you thought it would be a dreary day. but no, we had a lot of brakes in the clouds and lot of sunshine coming down. the only problem is that may create problems tonight. i'll explain it. >> all right. >> take a look outside. you can see things are pretty calm, flags not moving around too much. winds west at 5. relative humidity 59%. temperatures right now at 84 degrees. out on the bay here are conditions for tomorrow. there's your high and low tide. and the wind will be northwest not bad then either. 5 to 10 miles an hour. taking a look at our radar, local radar. you can see maryland's most powerful showing just a couple showers and thunderstorms starting to pop up out of nowhere. when you have all that daytime heating adding to the instability in the atmosphere,
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any bit of energy makes it possible to turn up a thunderstorm or shower. so that's where we may see some problems tonight. nothing like yesterday. take a look at some of these rain totals. 3.40. that's westminster from yesterday. we didn't see total like that in baltimore or perry hall. everyone else seeing an inch and a half. baltimore seeing a little less than that. so really very depending on where you were, and what hit at that time. taking a look at what is left over from tropical storm danny, off the coastline. we'll put that into motion. there it goes, out of auer way. we have that instability left over. we also have a cold front that's coming through tonight. that will create some instability as well. we have a little break in the clouds throughout the afternoon. that allowed that daytime heating to really fire up the atmosphere so we may see a couple showers around tonight. speaking of tropical depression danny, it's barely even that. just heads off to the northeast and it's not really affecting
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anybody except along the coastline. let's look at ocean city right now temperature at 77. put that into motion. you see quite a bit of surf. we're looking at 4 to foot waves. not in the water for the most part. because you have dangerous rip currents associated with the aftermath of danny as well. that's going to last for a couple days. that could be a problem for folks on the coast. also coastal flooding but that will change in the next few days. so we have this cold front that you can really see designated by that line of showers and thunderstorms right through here. as that pushes through the state overnight tonight, we'll be seeing high pressure and cooler, dryer air coming in behind it. much more comfortable as we head into tomorrow and next week. taking a looking at the extended forecast. you see as that cold front stalls out it's going to along the coastline, it will be far enough to the south and east of us that any rain and shower activity should stay well off to the south and east. we'll be seeing much nicer conditions as we head into the
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next couple days. tonight, 64 degrees. mostly cloudy, a couple showers and thunderstorms still possible yet until that front moves through. then for tomorrow, 83 degrees, partly sunny, a lot less humid. so the temperature won't be that different for us tomorrow, but the humidity will be noticeable. then that cooler dryer air really settles in. and you'll see a huge difference as we head into monday. mid to low 70s for a daytime high. cooler, dryer definitely, until the end of next week. we may have a chance every showers and thunderstorms come into the picture mid-week, say about wednesday. and then by the time we hit into next weekend we could be back up into the 80s. but again it depends on what happens in the tropics. right now it's quiet but the storms fire up quickly. so we're looking at great weather as we head into the middle of next week. let's go to sports with rick white. >> rick white here with sports.
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tonight is the third and most important preseason game for the raiders. they take on the -- carolina tonight. the starters we'll get plenty of playing time at least two or three-quarters. tom brady never made it to the second half of the patriots game. against the redskins. 300 plus pounds albert haynesworth crushed him to the ground. okay, all you fantasy guys picking tonight and tomorrow, check this out. ah! tom's shoulders expected to be sore, so make your pick with caution. last year morgan football team was 500. but they ended on a tear, winning their last four games. we got a behind-the-scenes look at practice with head coach donald hill eelee.
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>> guys came back in great shape. we hadn't had the -- minor knicks and bruisees in practice. and everybody going to this first week of school was healthy and we got optimistic about the outcome of the season. >> the chemistry this year more than anything like the biggest difference that i've seen since i've been here. so that's like a big part. that's all the football and everything like that. so i feel the chemistry is the biggest part of this team. >> i think --
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>> get some high free file individuals and to camp and to school. and with time we still -- making our mark and going from competing from the championship last year to putting ourselves in position to win it this year. >> coach has something new every year. definitely got it working hard, working better, not going to stop like that. so [not understandable] hopefully meet up to him. >> we will travel up york road and look at the towson tigers and their new head coach tonight at 11. the orioles played home last night and it was the weeders pa show. matt weeders doubles in nick, to gist orioles their first run and at the time the score was 2- 1. had a great game and i think -- yeah, he likes it.
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then it was felix's turn. he spins, he scores. pa goes two and he is safe. can the brother get a timeout? he does. and then this time it's easy as pie. pa crushes it, he went 3 for 5, and this was his 6th home run that he hit in the 6th inning and then whose turn was it? of course, matt weider's. matt also had three hits and four rbis. two of them on this single, orioles win 13-4. it's saturday, and it's time for did you see that? cabrera with the ground ball up the middle, clubs it, steps on second for the force, and then on the first for the nice double play. i don't know if this is a
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double dribble, but lebron james in china takes this high school player to the rack. it's a global tour for basketball and community charity. and this is just adams says look, ma, no hands. and he nails the landing. he won the x fighters world title with that jump. >> that is sick! i'm sure you had no problems riding with, no hands when were you a kid. >> yeah, no problem at all. thank you, rick. during tough economic times doesn't mean you have to cancel fun. you can catch an o's game for one dollar when we return! schnapps
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another baltimore area bank has failed. it's the 82nd u.s. bank to go under so far this year. federal regulators shut down rogers bradford bank. the bank had been given two weeks to sell or be taken over. all nine branches reopened today as n and t banks. they will share the losses on about $338 million worth of bradford's loans and other assets. customers should not be affected or notice a change. bradford becomes the second maryland bank to fail in these tough times, behind crofton's federal savings. in these tough times it's not just businesses that are suffering. counties are taking a hit as well. officials announced budget cuts including a hiring freeze and eliminating 107 vacant positions. the county hopes to save $2 million from the hiring freeze and another 15 million over the next three years by renegotiating health care
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contracts. at least two people can now call themselves millionaires. two tickets matched the winning numbers for an estimated $333 million jackpot. wow! and one was in new york and the other in california. there were nine $10,000 winning tickets sold here in maryland a $25,000 winner here in our state. the jackpot starts over again and it's down just to a measly $12 million for tuesday's drawing. well finish were you not lucky enough to hit last night's jack motte pot, here's a way to save money. starting next month you can catch the o's at the yard for just one dollar. the team will once again offer fans one dollar upper deck tickets for some remaining games except against the red sox. this is the same promotion that or yells ran last season. a look at what is hot on the web. it's sometime time to start planning 10 must-see nfl games in the 2009 season, and find out what five letter word makes a difference when a woman
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decides whether she's attracted to a guy. here's a hint -- had has nothing to do with hints or money. log on and look under most popular stories on the right side of our homepage. and before we head to break, here's a live look outside from our camera at the inner harbor. we'll back with a final look at the forecast and right now a quick look at the exclusive weather net at gillerman school in baltimore. 82 degrees. stay with us. they have alzheimer's and heart disease, diabetes and cancer. and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope, that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research, for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her, thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future, it's life.
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the best days of summer are back, maryland's state fair in full swing. food, rides, entertainment, you name it, it's all on the fairgrounds! the fair is open from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. tonight and tomorrow, and next weekend. the fair is also open from noon until 10 monday through friday. there's still plenty of time to catch rides. for more information, just go to our website. wow. the thing i like is the food. i don't care about the rides, but the food is delicious and we're looking at good weather as we head into the next couple days some that should be fabulous for the fair as well. next chance for showers, probably going to be wednesday afternoon. >> all right. that's all for us at 6:30. thank you for joining us. have a great evening!
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